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Olea House


The creation of a residence as a result of a synthesis of spaces that would be developed in a linear axis, with alternating patios and semi-outdoor areas. The epicenter of all these would be the olive oil tree, exactly in the middle of the building, as a balancing element.


Olea House seems to have been designed with the aim to fulfill the meaning of one word: harmony. Façade architectural office emphasized the importance of this element and this is  evident in every aspect of the house. 

The fundamental issue here was to blur the lines between internal and external environment. This is perfectly achieved with the patio, the semi-outdoor spaces and the impressive garden. Also, the concrete of the façade and the masonry, contrasts with the green areas and brings balance.  

In the interior of the house,  living-room, dining room and kitchen, are all unified in an open space, providing functionality and calmness. The uniquely large openings of the aluminium patio doors reinforce the natural lighting and at the same time contribute to the general openness, extending the boundaries of the building. 

The minimal lines of Olea House serve the vision of high-quality living and highlight the concept of the residence as a special oasis, where people can relax and contemplate.



Architects: Façade Architects, Charis Economou & Aristidis Asimakopoulos

*The project was designed by FAÇADE architectural office and was a finalist in Greek Architecture Awards “Doma 2020”/section “Best First Work of a Young Architect”.


The photos are taken by the photographer Yorgis Yerolympos

Project identity

185 sq.m
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