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Municipal Library in Kozani, Greece


The Municipal Library of Kozani, Greece is the house of many great books of Greek literature, that have huge historical and cultural value. The new building complex which would shelter all  these important books should meet all the safety standards of a modern library that inspires the visitors with its design. 


The relocation of the library in a larger space at the center of the city became the blueprint for the architects of ANCA (Antoniou – Castro & Associates) that submitted the proposal for the project. The plot of land in which the new library and its museum was constructed  stands out for its unique triangular shape. 

Initially, the land had two farming warehouses. Their positioning guided in a way the architectural design. Two main volumes dominate the ground. At the base of the land is the library and at the top of it the museum. The space between them is connected through a multiple-use building, which is also the reception and event space. 

Although the architects decided to follow minimal and clear lines, this fact does not affect the magnificence of the building. The coating of the façade is supported by aluminium wall cladding system and is finished with reinforced concrete. The unification of spaces is evident to the building and contributes to the smooth movement of the visitors inside it. Also, it puts emphasis on the “sharing knowledge” philosophy that every library promotes. The spectacular aluminium systems aesthetically complement the construction and offer thermal insulation, high accessibility and rich natural lighting, elevating the visitor’s experience.  

The new building of the Municipal Library of Kozani, Greece, is a contemporary landmark for the city. Its modern design sends a message of innovation and culture, exactly as happens with its special book collections. 


Architects: ANCA (Antoniou – Castro & Associates)

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5000 sq.m
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