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October 2020
ALUMIL’s star shines in Los Angeles
Almost 23 kilometers from the city center, near the coastal side of Santa Monica, a new ambitious project has begun. It is Broadway 500, a complex of four 7-storey buildings that upon their creation will house 249 residencies and shopping centers.
SUPREME S700: ALUMIL’s hurricane resistant frame system
An advanced lift & slide system that represents the new generation of upgraded ALUMIL frames which cover large openings. S700 passed the internationally acclaimed “Miami Dade” test against hurricanes and was officially certified for it.
ALUMIL Smart Gate at the Acropolis Museum
Smart Gate was installed at the Acropolis Museum, a landmark for every visitor of Athens. The device is placed at the entrance of the Museum and measures the temperature of thousands visitors, without creating unnecessary delay.
ALUMIL: Sustainability Report focusing on people and environment
Recently, ALUMIL published its first annual Sustainability Report, presenting in detail all activities that are conducted by having in their core the respect for people and environment.
ALUMIL SUPREME S91 – One of the top aluminium systems in the world for Passive houses
SUPREME S91 (Hi version) was certified by the “Passive House Institute” with the top thermal insulation rate in its class for the climate zone “Cool, temperate”. Thus, once again ALUMIL proved that is a leading company focusing on innovation and green constructions.
September 2020
ALUMIL Academy: Innovative educational programs for Fabricators
ALUMIL Academy officialy started its activities in 2019, having great success and receiving very supportive comments from the construction industry. Through its comprehensive training programs, it helped fabricators to broaden their knowledge, improving their status as professionals.
COMFORT M8100: Advanced aluminium railings for every aesthetic need
COMFORT M8100, the INOX type railings with anodized aluminium, is a series of products that has covered multiple construction needs throughout last decades. This year, we proceeded to the relaunch of M8100, adding elements that enrich the series and offer a broader range of solutions. Thus, we introduce again the series as one of the most reliable railing system in its category.
ALUMIL unlocks Da Vinci code in Tel Aviv!
The project “Da Vinci”, a 3 building complex – 2 skyscrapers and a 9-floor basement structure - that takes its name from the famous Leonardo Da Vinci, is a project that incorporates all the characteristics of the city, but at the same time has the vision to achieve more and overpass all the previous large scale constructions, inspired by Leonardo’s innovative spirit and inventive power.
SUPREME S650 PHOS: Higher thermal insulation thanks to new interlocking profiles
The thermal insulation properties of the SUPREME S650 PHOS system have been improved further, as we have developed 3 new thermally insulated profiles of innovative design for the interlocking profile (i.e. the meeting point of the two sashes).
July 2020
Bioclimatic Pergolas with advanced equipment for… 4 season use!
ALUMIL’s bioclimatic pergolas enrich the use of a building, by extending it to the exterior environment. Moreover, through their additional equipment which increase comfort and functionality, high quality living conditions are assured.
ALUMIL equips the Taberner House in London
The architects’ vision is that the Taberner House will harmonically supplement the Queen’s Gardens park, which is currently under redevelopment process. The overall result should adopt an anthropocentric character, with emphasis on practicality, meeting the needs of citizens, as well as the smooth coexistence with the park and its green element, located directly opposite to the building complex.
June 2020
V-Blocker: The new partition system for protection against COVID-19
The new hygiene & safety rules imposed under these difficult circumstances are a challenge for businesses and stores. Our innovative character and experience in the designing of partition systems for workplaces, have led to the development of a new complete system ensuring hygiene & safety rules.
Smart Gate: The smart solution against coronavirus
Immediate Temperature Measurement from distance, without radiation, with high accuracy and continuous passthrough.
March 2020
ALUMIL in the fight against COVID-19 through high-tech 3D printers
ALUMIL, realizing the importance and danger of the effort of the people working in the country’s health care units, decided to proceed with the production of protective masks through its 3D printers which are in its facilities.
April 2019
30 years ALUMIL, 30 years of innovation
During these crucial three decades, our company got larger, expanded throughout the world and managed dynamically all challenges of the global markets.