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ETAG certification for structural bonding

We have been awarded a new certificate for structural bonding applications, according to ETAG 002-1, a norm which needs to be followed when structural bonding is concerned. This certificate applies to all structural bonding applications, it is irrelevant of the system used, and it is valid for DOW Corning 895 structural silicone applied onto anodized profiles by ALUMIL. For example, if you notice on the first page of the M7 structural certificate from ift Rosenheim, it states the following in the comments section: {SSG-Bonding: For use in Europe a proof of the structures according to the "Guideline for European Technical Approval for Structural Sealant Glazing" ETAG No. 002 is required"} 

This ETAG 002 certificate is a supportive document to the M7 structural certificate and all other structural bonding applications of ALUMIL. What this certificate guarantees, is the adhesion behavior of the silicone component used for the bonding onto ALUMIL anodized profiles.

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