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Hinged Systems M9660 | New typology

M9660 integrated window into door sash

We have created a new typology in M9660 system, where a window can now be integrated into a door sash. These kind of typologies are used in cases where, the door needs to be closed (or locked) but at the same time, one can open a small window from the inside. Drugstores is a very usual application of this typology.
The typology is available only for euro groove mechanism

M9660 use of same gasket for frame-sash

We have made a small change in the M9660 catalogue concerning euro groove typologies. You can now use the same gasket 220-00-930-03 both for the sash and the frame. This will optimize the fabricator's work, dealing with only one gasket instead of using one gasket for the frame and a different one for the sash.

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