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Fly screen typology for S650

Profiles and accessories are available. Note that in order for the typology to function properly, you must not use reinforced interlocking profiles where the fly screen is placed. For example, if the fly screen is placed on the outside track, you can only use reinforced interlock profile in the inner part of the section and vice versa. For heights more than 2.4m, a special corner cleat can be used (145-11-260-00), which creates a tension on the vertical profiles of the fly screen in order to keep the fly mesh stretched at all times. The specific corner which is patented should be used in combination with a steel rod, which will bend at the opposite direction of the deflection created due to the tension of the fly mesh, thus keeping the vertical fly screen profiles straight. This tension is created by a screw into the corner. By screwing, the rod will bend, and thus we can adjust the vertical alignment of the profiles. Attached you can find the typology in pdf and AutoCAD sections.

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