Alumil Albania
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life @ Albania

Life @ Albania

The opening of Alumil-Albania took place in 2004.

In the beginning there were just a few pioneers able to build up a giant Subsidiary of the big family of Alumil.


Now Alumil counts 210 employees out of which 40 belong to the administrative sector and 170 employees from the departments of production, logistic, maintenance etc.

With 5 other Subsidiaries within Albania we can say Alumil has quickly spread throughout the whole territory.

Our offices are to be found in Tirana nearby the production lines facility. Basically all departments are very close together including: Production, Sales, Marketing, Logistic, Human Resources, IT and General Maintenance.

One of the most valuable assets of ours is the staff working for Alumil. And an amazing fact to be mentioned is that 70-80 % of our staff has an early experience together with the opening of the company.

That’s one of the factors which makes the life in our company friendly and because people are very familiarized with each other and the environment created is truly amusing.

Every employee is highly respected at Alumil considering every aspect.

Therefore we can say Alumil offers services, activities and meritocracy toward everyone who belongs to our family.

Joining Alumil team is the right life path and becoming an Alumilier is so cool.