Price List

 Product Version  CommentsSubscription priceEach additional license 
 AlumilCal Windows - Doors - Curtain Walls and CAD 75€/month *  75€/month
 Machinings and Bar Drawings 1  50€/month
 CNC 2 Only available together with module Machinings and Bar Drawings  122€/month
 CNC with cutting option 3 Only available together with module Machinings and Bar Drawings  156€/month


*  The price is valid for new customers, that will activate the software before 31/06/2016, for the first year and only for the 12month subscription
  • The software is available in 3month, 6month και 12month subscriptions. The subscription price for the 3month and 6month licence is 150 €/month from the 1st year.
  • Update costs are included
  • Installation CD and USB Dongle key is included
  • User manual is included in electronic form
  • Telephone and teamviewer support as well as initial training in our premises in Thessaloniki is included in the above Subscription price
  • CNC modules cost is additional to basic cost.
  • The installation of CNC additional modules and the connection with CNC center is made by Orgadata AG. There is an extra (one time) charge for installation, support and training. This extra charge is not fix will be given on demand.
  • VAT is not included
  • Subscription fee is payable in full at the beginning of each license period
After the period of the first year, the Subscription price for 1st license is 150 €/month 

Explanation of the CNC Modules:

1) Machinings and Bard Drawings
Module to generate bar drawings. The program calculates machining geometries automatically. All data provided may be transferred directly to CNC machining centers by the additional modules CNC or CNC with Cutting Option.

2) CNC
Module to transfer CNC data to 3, 4 and 5 axis machining centers. Drilling, milling and partly notch preps can be transferred.
(Only available together with module Machining and Bar Drawings)

3) CNC with Cutting
This module contains all features of the module CNC and the additional possibility to transfer information required for cutting entire profile bars directly on the CNC machining center.
This module is required for transferring data to complete profile machining centers and some 5 axis machining centers.
(Only available together with module Machining and Bar Drawings)