Working in Alumil

''People are the key to our success'' says, the president and CEO of the company, Mr. George Milonas.

Recognizing the contribution of the people in the success of our company, we provide the ideal choice for a working environment that supports the needs of our employees in and out of our offices, making us the ultimate employer. Our company's culture is characterized by team spirit and collective contribution while encourages initiative, freedom and participation in choices for the development of new, innovative ideas in an environment with equal opportunities. We invest in the professional development of the people through our continuous training and studies, while creating the proper environment for the evolution of our employees. We attempt the best utilization of our employees' abilities by putting our effort on their skill growth. We give the chance for professional breakthrough and development globally in our Group.
When the need to cover positions arise or new working positions are created, before seeking candidates from the market, we firstly assess if these positions can be filled by people within the company, who can meet the expectations. If we cover all possibilities, then we consider how we could attract the ideal candidate from the market. We use pioneering management systems of human resources, such as the compensation and benefits system, performance management system, career planning and management succession plans.
We offer our employees competitive compensation and benefits package according to their performance capacity, skills evolution and overall company success. To ensure the health and safety of our employees we have established an Assurance System of Health & Safety and Occupational Risk Prevention. Moreover the implementation of social actions, consist a part of the broader policy of our social responsibility, representing our moral values. Our main goal is our contribution to society. Our ultimate goal is the attraction, development and preservation of high level human resources.