Selection Process

It should be noted that in order to fill job vacancies, priority is given to the policy of filling open positions with candidates inside the company, change of job scope and promotions . This enables the best use of workers and also creates great opportunities and career development for employees.

Selection Process

All CVs are evaluated according to the requirements of each position and the recruitment policies of the Group.

If a candidate's CV meets the criteria, he/she will be invited for a first interview with the members of the Human Resources department, and possibly have to undertake some skills test for some positions.

If succeeded, he/she will be invited to a second meeting with executive members of the department that he/she wants to enter, where he/she will be assessed on specific skills and knowledge relevant to the job.

After completion of the cycle of interviews, each candidate receives briefing on the outcome of the results. The candidates who will not proceed to the next step, will be informed via mail. Candidates with whom the company decide to collaborate, will receive an offer letter of employment with the job description and proposed contract terms.
After the hiring, the new employee follows an integration program according to the training system of the Group under the supervision of the Human Resources Department.

The CVs of all candidates are saved in the CV database of ALUMIL for future use.